A little bit About Us

Throughout the years, we have strived for perfection and aim to provide bespoke web design and development solutions to our clients. Our services include but are not limited to web-development, graphic designing and Enterprise App Development. When working with us, you work with a team of professionals who will use innovative tactics to take your business to new horizons of the digital world.

We are committed to provide improved, effective quality solutions and services to our customers by meeting their requirements and achieving continual excellence in all our products & services through our youthful, committed, motivated and dynamic team.

Our history

We have been helping business grow online for over a decade

2007//A simple begining

Twenty people are now part of Pagoda Labs.

The focus was increased on digital marketing, not just as social media but also on running campaigns which differentiated us from the crowd

2009// The big step

It all started off with the need to provide affordable web development solutions. During the first years of Pagoda Labs the development was already advanced enough to be created from Nepal. However the design workforce needed to be outsourced from Australia. Because of this our services were affordable and exclusive.

2013// Building on experience

With two developers and outsourced designers from Australia we provided services on websites from WordPress and Joomla. Despite the small team we provided other solutions such as branding and packaging thanks to the the help of designers from Sydney.
It is this same year that we began to work with clients from USA and Thailand.


2016// Our second office

Moving into an office building Pagoda Labs grew in numbers , from a 2 man ship to a 12 person company we were able to offer web applications and data based driven apps.

This was the first year we provided a data based driven solution with php /mysql (code ignitor framework ), for our client,  WWF Nepal for their Tal/Chal Project.


Now// Continuing excellence

April 2015, Nepal was struck by a 7.9 M earthquake. Leaving our 15 person company just as shaken as the rest of the country, luckily all were safe, but not the rest of the country.

We rapidly gathered in safe grounds to bring free web solutions to INGOs as a means to collect data analytics and we have maintained this code for free on request.

Our Team

Back End Developer

Bijay Shresha

Back End Developer

Ranjan Sitikhu

Back End Developer

Nabika Maharjan

Back End Developer

Niroj Prajapati


Hisila Manandhar

Front End Developer

Sushant Gauchan

Front End Developer

Anisha Maharjan

Front End Developer

Ashish Shrestha

A few clients we have been fortunate to work with