Dealer Management System (DMS)

Auto Dealer Management System (DMS) is a single sign-on web-based comprehensive solution designed to optimize automobile dealership management. This is an integrated, centralized system that can help you monitor sales, track daily transactions and advertise your vehicle inventory all from one program.

Why get a DMS for your Business

Key Benefits of the product

This system is beneficial for your business as it responds to quick market opportunities by simply using its data driven software platform. The software helps to manage and market your vehicles inventory online by using multiple Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functions and stand-alone applications to streamline your auto parts wholesale or retail business to run more efficiently.

How to use the product

The DMS system is a very simple to use database system which will simplify the everyday work of collecting and recording data about the customer's record, sales performances, and managing inquiries. Simply connecting online traffic to in store-sales via valuable data will improve the digital marketing efforts. 

For your business

This system is essential for your Auto related business as it simplifies work for efficient running of your business. By simply responding quickly to market opportunities this data driven software helps to manage any vehicle inventory online. The database will also simplify the categorization and organization of your car inventory, stock, pricing, human resources and customer relations.

Truly all-in-one-DMS

All in one business solution

The main feature of this product is Marketing management under which you can convert leads into sales with real-time data abscess that will streamline and enhance your business. The software also features a Vehicle Inventory Management system which is a centralized easy to use database that will help you,  categorize and organize your car inventory, stock, pricing, human resources, and customers relation. The Customer relation Management feature is the highlight of the product as it improves customer interaction, manages inquiry, and keeps a record of all the sales perforce for the efficient running of the business.