Point of Sale (POS)

Point of Sale (POS) is a system built for retail business owners to ensure efficiency by keeping track of their sales. This system is built on a cloud-based platform highlighting the product and transaction listing features. The efficiency of the business will be expanded as POS features synchronize all the business data by providing immediate access to supply and sales inventory from multiple store locations.

Why get a POS for your Business

Key Benefits of the product

POS is an automated store management solution with multiple sophisticated functions that are widely effective and quite simple to use. The monitoring system will just allow you to control and track multiple store transactions automatically.

How to use the product

POS system is easy to use as it is a simple software that automatically tracks and controls store inventory. With a simple monitoring system users can control user role management and automatically track and record multiple store transactions.

For your business

POS is a cloud-based platform that is simple and easy to understand as it is automated software that tracks and records multiple store transactions and sales inventory. It also centralizes user management which allows effective division of teams and their responsibilities. 

Truly all-in-one-POS

All in one business solution

The main feature of the products is its inventory management system which controls the store inventory providing accurate information on goods and transactions. The system comes with a consumer retention feature that helps in acquiring business data which helps in understanding the consumer behavior along with customizing the special offers that help in increasing sales and consumer loyalty. The next feature is user role management which simply centralizes user management by dividing the roles and responsibilities for your team on the basis of user performance. The system also comes with an integrated payment system that allows the consumers to pay with any method and also lets you process refunds for payments directly from the POS system. The offline feature also allows users to work offline and synchronize data from multiple store locations.