We are a Specialized Software, Web Development & IT Companies in Nepal

We assist enterprises and startups to redefine their scope in industries and turn their company vision into reality.

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Web development in Nepal

Web Development

We build a list of the most latest technologies to enhance your website before we begin developing it. That’s not all; we also use technology to help you choose the optimal design for your website. Our collaboration with you does not end after you publish your first post on your website. We’re always looking for new...

Software Development

Software Development

At Pagoda Labs, we proudly stand as Nepal’s premier software development company, offering unbeatable expertise and innovation in crafting cutting-edge digital solutions. Our unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with a passionate team of skilled professionals, drives us to consistently deliver remarkable software products that cater to the unique needs of our clients. With a proven track record of success and...

Design Company in Nepal


As the forefront design company in Nepal, we fuse creativity with strategic vision to curate captivating experiences that transcend conventional boundaries. Our multidisciplinary team of design aficionados is driven by a shared passion for pushing limits and reshaping aesthetics, resulting in unparalleled visual narratives that resonate and inspire. With a legacy of innovation and an unwavering dedication to perfection, we...

Mobile App development

Mobile App Development

Discover excellence with Pagoda Labs – Nepal's premier mobile app development company. Our prowess in crafting dynamic and intuitive mobile experiences is unmatched, driven by a team of adept developers who thrive on pushing the boundaries of innovation. From concept to deployment, we meticulously engineer apps that redefine user engagement and elevate business success. With a proven track record of...

Cloud Adoption

Cloud Adoption & DevOps

Embrace the future of technology with Pagoda Labs – your ultimate partner for Cloud Adoption and DevOps excellence in Nepal. With a deep-rooted understanding of cutting-edge cloud solutions and DevOps practices, our expert team empowers businesses to seamlessly transition into the digital age. From optimizing workflows to accelerating deployment cycles, we orchestrate a harmonious convergence of cloud infrastructure and agile...

Our 15 years of Experience and Expertise helped clients achieve their business goals

We assist enterprises and startups to redefine their scope in industries and tun their company vision into reality.


Pagoda DMS

Pagoda Labs embarked on a pioneering in-house venture, conceptualizing and creating a cutting-edge Dealer Management System (DMS) that has revolutionized the operations of industry leaders like CG Holdings. This bespoke software seamlessly streamlines inventory management, sales tracking, and customer engagement, catering to the intricate needs of dealerships.



In a strategic collaboration with Worldlink, Nepal's premier ISP, Pagoda Labs spearheaded the digital transformation of their online presence. Tasked with enhancing accessibility and user engagement, our team meticulously crafted the Worldlink ISP website. By blending a modern aesthetic with a user-centric interface, we seamlessly showcased the breadth of services offered, from high-speed internet to innovative solutions. Through dynamic visuals, simplified navigation, and real-time support integration, the website now serves as a gateway to a seamless digital experience.


The Bakery Cafe

Tasked with creating a seamless mobile app, our team embarked on a journey to enhance convenience and engagement. By integrating user-friendly interfaces, streamlined ordering processes, personalized loyalty rewards, and real-time updates, The Bakery Cafe App has empowered customers to effortlessly browse menus, place orders, and stay connected with their favorite bakery. The app's successful launch led to a 30% increase in mobile orders within the first quarter, establishing The Bakery Cafe as a pioneer in merging culinary delight with digital innovation.



Pagoda Labs had the privilege to partner with Evostore, a visionary e-commerce brand, to revolutionize their online presence and create an unparalleled shopping experience for their customers. Evostore sought to reinvigorate their digital platform, merging innovation with user-centric design to better engage and serve their customer base.

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