Dealer Management Software


Dealer Management System is a web-based, single-sign-on complete solution for vehicle dealership management. This is a centralized, integrated system that allows you to handle daily transactions, monitor sales, and market your automobile inventory all from one software. This system is advantageous to businesses because it reacts quickly to market opportunities by utilizing its data-driven software platform. The product’s highlight is the Customer Relationship Management function, which increases customer engagement, controls inquiries, and keeps track of all sales perforce for effective business operations.



The point of sale (POS) system was created for retail business owners to keep track of their sales and maintain efficiency. The product and transaction listing functions are highlighted in this system, which is developed on a cloud-based platform. As POS features synchronize all company data by enabling rapid access to supply and sales inventory from different shop locations, the company’s efficiency will be increased. The system has a consumer retention function that helps in the collecting of business data that helps in the analysis of consumer behaviour as well as the customization of special offers that aid in the increase of sales and customer loyalty.

Warranty Management System

Manufacturers employ a warranty management system to manage all of the accounting and processes involved with their items’ warranties. The program provides information on product defects, which can assist users to improve their goods and save money on product replacement. It detects and prevents false and duplicate warranty claims more effectively than humans. It encourages collaboration among stakeholders such as partners, third-party vendors, and service centres, and makes information and dashboards for tracking product quality, warranty reserves, and compliance easily accessible to everyone.

HR Management System

HR Management System is a sort of business program that allows firms to store employee data, manage typical HR processes, and carry out important HR tasks such as payroll processing and benefits administration. It assists with the day-to-day components of personnel management. This program excels in training thanks to a variety of wizards designed to assist with different HR processes such as new hires, training, salary rises, and more. It gives the HR department the attendance record to verify that all days and times worked by the workers are recorded.