Care Nepal

Care Nepal

CARE Nepal is an international non-governmental organization that began operations in Nepal in 1978 to address systemic and structural reasons for poverty and social injustice, such as discrimination based on gender, caste, class, ethnicity, or geography.

Problem Statement

CARE Nepal intended to develop a website where individuals could readily access all of the organization’s information. Care Nepal was having difficulty informing its national and international audiences about the organization and its operations due to a lack of a digital presence.


The requested problem was implemented using a WordPress-built web-based panel.
The website provides people with information on CARE Nepal.
Users can also view published publications as well as the organization’s annual report.
The website also includes tools for visitors to search for available positions and contact forms.


The solution to the issue statement was proposed by creating a website that contains all of the information about CARE Nepal.
Users may now access all of CARE Nepal’s information, as well as resources and media communication materials.
Interested users can also search for job openings on the website and contact the organization using the contact form.


With the deployment of this, CARE Nepal can now effortlessly provide information about them to the intended audience.
Their national and worldwide audiences may readily engage and learn about the work they conduct as an INGO thanks to the availability of a digital platform.