CG- DMS (Dealer Management System)

The Dealer Management System (DMS) is a web-based tool that is designed to improve automotive dealership management. This is an amazing centralized system that allows you to track sales, conduct daily transactions, and promote your vehicle inventory all from the same program.

Problem Statement

Customers now prioritize convenience over all other factors when purchasing a car. They want to have all of the required information on a vehicle at their fingertips. That is why a high-quality automobile DMS (dealer management system) with complete capabilities is required to provide the best services and successfully close transactions.


  • The key feature of this program is marketing management, which allows you to convert leads into sales by using actual data analytics to enhance and improve your business.
  • A Vehicle Inventory Management system is also included in the program, which is a centralized, user-friendly database that will assist you in categorizing and organizing your car inventory, stock, pricing, human resources, and client interactions.
  • The Customer Relationship Management function is the highlight of the product because it enhances customer engagement, organizes queries, and keeps a record of all sales perforce for the company’s effective operation.


  • By standardizing processes, car dealerships can spend less time training employees on data management and translating data with expensive software solutions.
  • This software also enables car dealerships to respond rapidly to consumer demands and inquiries.
  • DMS data assists you in understanding and analyzing marketing initiatives to determine whether or not they are effective


  • The program facilitates product ordering, inventory management, sales, and customer tracking, dealer networking, and customer correspondence.
  • Data moves easily from one functional area of the organization to another with the help of DMS, enabling accurate and fast reports for informed business choices.