Dwarika’s Hotel


Mr. Dwarika’s  Das Shrestha founded Dwarika’s Hotel , a 5-star hotel in the center of Kathmandu. Dwarika’s Hotel is an experience unlike any other hotel in Kathmandu, combining the tradition of Kathmandu with the architectural grandeur of the Newari civilization.

Problem Statement

Dwarika’s Hotel desired to develop a website that not only supplied clients with information about Dwarika’s Hotel history and specialties but also allowed users to make hotel reservations and bookings. Because their guests were having difficulty reserving the hotel through existing third-party services, they decided to develop their own.


  • A WordPress-based website was used to accomplish the specified problem.
  • The website includes information on all aspects of the Dwarika’s hotel.
  • Dwarika’s Hotel history, architecture, restaurants, spas, and accommodations are all detailed.
  • Allow people to book accommodations and restaurants via the website.


  • The recommended solution was accomplished by creating a website with features centered on Dwarika’s Hotel .
  • Customers can learn more about the hotel by reading about Dwarika’s Hotel history and seeing its architecture.
  • There is information on the lodging, rooms, dining, and spa, as well as a pictorial tour to offer clients a taste of Dwarika’s Hotel .
  • Customers may also book accommodations or dining through the website.


  • A digital platform, for a company such as Dwarika’s Hotel, gives them more leverage with national or international customers.
  • Their domestic and international consumers may readily research the accommodations and services on their website and make bookings appropriately.