In Nepal, Evo Store is an authorized Apple product supplier. Customers may purchase actual Apple items as well as devices from companies such as JBL, Bose, and many more at the Evo store.

Problem Statement

Despite being an approved supplier of Apple products, Evo Store was having difficulty providing its consumers with a platform where they could search for and purchase the products directly. As a result, they desired to create a website to improve the consumer experience.


  • To address the provided issue statement, an OpenCart website was created.
  • Customers could easily explore and search for the things they want thanks to the website.
  • Pages were created that were segmented by kind, brand, and phone accessory.
  • Customers can also make purchases through the website.


  • Customers may browse for items from manufacturers such as Apple, JBL, Bose, Momax, Optoma, Speck, JCPal, Case Logic, NEC, Razer, Thule, Vivitek, Verbatim, Yeelight, and Zagg on the website.
  • The solution makes it easy for clients who wish to purchase authentic items to do so by going through the catalog.
  • Customers may now purchase things via the website.


  • It reduced trouble and increased consumer satisfaction because customers could now search for goods on the website themselves.
  • Anyone interested in purchasing authentic Nepalese items can do so through the website.