Glacier Safari Trek

Glacier Safari Trek:

Glacier Safari Trek is a French-speaking travel firm that organizes treks and vacations in Nepal, India, Tibet, and Bhutan for trek enthusiasts. They have been in the service for over 30 years in creating the best experience for their customers.

Problem Statement

Glacier Safari Trek desired to provide travel information as well as a contact system for both domestic and international consumers. The Glacier Safari Trek desired to give all information on a single website for clients to seek budgets and bookings via contact and mail so that they could simply communicate with them.


  • The issue statement was solved by constructing a WordPress website.
  • The website provides users with the ability to view calendars, Contact a travel expert, and View travel alternatives and destination details.
  • Clients may view the information for forthcoming trips and vacations to prepare properly.
  • Clients can make booking and price inquiries.


  • By resolving the issue statement, the application provides hikers, visitors, and tourists with all relevant information.
  • It allows customers to see calendars, contact a travel specialist, and examine travel options and destination information.


  • The website of Glacier Safari Treks contains useful elements that make it easy for people to arrange their trips.
  • It contains a tool that estimates and informs on a trip’s budget.
  • Clients may now quickly obtain all necessary information and schedule their vacations.