Home automation Nepal

The goal of Home Automation Nepal, which was founded in 2009, is to make living easier through technology. They have made a name for themselves as the industry pioneer in offering smart living options for housing complexes, commercial buildings, and lodging facilities.

All of your automation needs may be satisfied at Home Automation Nepal.

Problem Statement

Home Automation Nepal desired to create a website that would showcase all of its goods, such as motorized shades, digital door locks, smart lighting, and security systems. They desired to provide all of their information to their clients in one location.


  • With the aid of a website built on WordPress, the issue was resolved.
  • For the convenience of the clients, the website contains all the product information as well as business details.
  • There are also additional elements like downloads, instructive videos, and solutions for some of the cases for customer ease.


  • Users may now simply access all the website’s product information.
  • In case of any trouble, they also receive instructional demo videos.
  • Information regarding the collaboration is also included.


  • All the information needed to make the user’s home smart is available on the House Automation Nepal website. This lists every service that the home automation firm in Nepal provides to its clients.
  • Anyone who needs to maintain their house secure and safe may now do it with ease by getting in touch with them via their website.