The international chain of fun Asian cafes is Mamagoto. The main attraction of this fusion restaurant was pan-Asian cuisine. They provide reasonably priced Asian food and beverages in a laid-back setting with unique décor.

Problem Statement

With them being the chain restaurants in Nepal, they wanted to create a website that not only gave their customers the information regarding them but also the menus of food and drink. 


  • The website was designed to be a one-stop shop for all things Mamagoto-related.
  • Information about the meals and beverages they provide may be found on the website.
  • The website has a Nepalese feel to it while yet seeming youthful to symbolize Mamagoto’s arrival in Nepal.
  • Through the website, users may also book reservations.


  • By developing a website that used its vision as inspiration for its design, the issue statement was resolved.
  • The entire menu’s worth of details is available on the website.
  • Through the website, customers can also make a reservation at the restaurant.


  • Customers may now quickly learn about Mamagoto Cafe and its food and drink offerings thanks to its web presence.
  • On the internet, they may also reserve a table for any dining occasion.