Old Durbar

The flavor of Old Durbar, sometimes referred to as OD, is well-known. The gorgeous and rich Old Durbar has an unsurpassed level of complexity because of eight years of painstaking aging and mellowing in American oak barrels in Scotland. They sought to increase their online presence despite being in the business since the 1970s.

Problem Statement

Old Durbar needed to develop a website that contained all the information about them and their goods concisely and readily due to the paradigm change of the digital world and their presence on online platforms.


  • A visual, graphical website was used to solve the issue, showcasing ancient structures and providing product details.
  • To update the website’s content, WordPress was utilized.
  • The emphasis was on excellent visual communication of the brand’s theme and product details.


  • By building a website that is both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, the needed problem is solved.
  • Concise information is provided about every product and the business.
  • Through the website, consumers may also get in touch with them.


  • With the addition of a website that has all the details about them and their offerings, Old Durbar has now increased its online presence.
  • Customers in any country or region can use the website to learn more about them or get in touch with them.