PickMe is a ride-hailing service inspired by Hoop Rides, Filili, Pathao, and Sahara Nepal. The trip incorporates technology that allows users to share rides, Order meals from its restaurant partners, and Perform logistical delivery choices.

Problem Statement

PickMe intended to create an app that included ridesharing, food delivery, and logistics, but at a lower cost than other ride sharing firms on the market. Pick Me’s team didn’t want to acquire ready-made software; instead, they wanted to create something tailored exclusively to Nepalese customers.


  • The app is available for both Android and iOS. Users may communicate with any of the available riders using the Android and iOS applications.
  • For customers, the app is fully loaded with extra features like discounts, reward points, and driver notifications.
  • Backend capabilities include the ability to view each rider’s ride statistics, delivery route maps, and the number of deliveries completed by each rider.
  • It gives an easy-to-use dashboard with detailed financial information for each rider.


  • The application was designed with Nepali clientele in mind, benefiting both riders and their clients.
  • Compared to other service providers, the Pick Me service provides consumers with a plethora of offers.
  • Users may simply arrange rides and track them for their safety.


  • The PickMe app offers transportation, logistics, and food delivery to Nepalese residents. Users may plan a journey in two taps and track a driver to assure their safe arrival.
  • The rides are less expensive than comparable services offered by competitors.