Mount Everest, known as Chhomolungma by Sherpas meaning “Mother Goddess of the Earth” is the highest point in the world standing at 8848 meters. This vodka is crafted from imported grain spirits, distilled from Soft French Winter Wheat and blended in small batches with Pure Spring Water from the Himalayas.



Ruslan was already a local market leader of vodkas in Nepal. There were also other imported vodkas in the market such as Smirnoff, Absolut, etc. Since 8848 was a Nepali brand that used imported ingredients, the challenge was to position it at a level of other imported vodkas but still priced as reasonably as the local brands.



Research and strategy- Initially, we studied the market trends. There were currently a number of brands like Romanov and Minsk available in the market but nothing in the premium segment. The only other vodkas available at that range were the imported ones which were starting to get out of the people’s range of affordability.



We started working on how to position it as a premium brand and to make it stand out from the rest of the local as well as international brands. The concept for the packaging styles was mainly focused on the imported vodkas. Accordingly, we designed the logo, bottling, packaging, and mono carton.



Out of the seven designs created, one really stood out which is currently being used by the brand. The chosen design had a very chunky and bold look. The packaging also included extra information like ‘Why 8848’ and the name of 8848 (Mount Everest) in different languages. The design was kept very minimal and transparent to highlight the purity of the vodka.



The final output had a very premium look even when showcased on the rack. It is now the leading vodka brand in Nepal. It has also been made available in International Duty Free where it stands out amongst the rest and at the same time, looks as premium as the other international brands.