ARNA Predict & Win Web App

  • Client Arna
  • Platform Application

Our two-part campaign showed the complexity of truth and how it’s reported.

During the FIFA Worldcup 2018 season, we were asked by ARNA to create a webapp for Predict & Win as a part of the digital campaign.



Many brands come up with different campaigns during the World Cup. Hence, we needed to create brand awareness in such a way that ARNA stood out from the rest since it was relatively new in the market.



Apart from social media, we needed to engage people throughout the World Cup season. Participants could predict their winners throughout the whole tie-sheet ultimately picking one sole champion at the end. The web app also allowed daily match predictions through which a leaderboard was established ranking people on the basis of the total correct answers they gave. The leaderboard was updated in real-time to keep the participants informed on their positions on the table.



The web app has a simplistic design. We made sure it was easy to be used (navigation and interface) on both the phone and desktop.



The web app was developed to use low data and be accustomed to mobile and web application. It also included algorithm to calculate the points granted for every correct prediction on the leaderboard.



The campaign was a success garnering a total participation of 163,500 users during the campaign period.