CG – DMS (Dealer Management System)

  • Client CG – DMS
  • Platform Application

Our two-part campaign showed the complexity of truth and how it’s reported.

CG was planning to buy an application for log reports from outside Nepal, which would have been very costly and yet would not have covered all the requirements. As a result, a lot of customization would have been required. So realizing it to be the best alternative, DMS (Dealer Management System) was created.  DMS is such a database system that consists of information starting from the point of order to the end of life of a vehicle. It includes logistics, sales, service, spare parts, after sales service, etc. It also features executive dashboard which summarizes all the logs for the day/week/month/year.



With each step of the project, the need for a new piece of information was realized. Hence, more and more features were required to be included in one single app, making it more sophisticated.



We acquired the required initial documents before starting the work. First, a wireframe was created, and then we moved on to design and development of the application. We submitted it for a test run and made the necessary changes as per the feedback.



Since the content of the app was vast, the development process was divided into phases. Different mini applications were first created, which were later assembled to make the main app.



The system was developed in PHP and MySQL using an in-house code igniter framework.



The application is currently in use by both the company and dealers. Prior to the system, all the information has to be entered in MS Excel, requiring them to be proficient in the software for data entry. Now with the application, everyone has been meet all the necessary requirements regarding data entry, increasing the efficiency of all the parties involved.