Himalayan Java Coffee

Our two-part campaign showed the complexity of truth and how it’s reported.

Grown locally and roasted to perfection, Himalayan Java is the go-to coffee place for many people. The brand has 27 outlets throughout the world and is known as one of the best places for coffee. The company also provides various forms of trainings and helps in the promotion of local resources.



Himalayan Java was established in 1999 and since then, the company takes pride in not compromising its quality. The challenge for its website was to ensure the same level of quality and finesse that Himalayan Java represents.



Java boasts simplicity. Therefore, its website required the same aesthetics. Our approach was to proceed with a minimal and subtle yet classy design that echoed the core theme of the brand without over imposing its services and ventures.



We created a minimalistic design that reflects the brand by leveraging the company’s theme and color palettes. Additionally, easy access to information about the products  were also included for convenient comprehension.



Visual aesthetic, easy navigation and information were our primary focus. Content update was accomplished through wordpress.



The new site showed improved visual aesthetics and online traffic.