Hulas Steels

Our two-part campaign showed the complexity of truth and how it’s reported.

Hulas Steel is the leading company in roofing sheets that specializes in steel and pipe production with its production facilities located at Simra (Bara), Nepal. The company established in 1983 and over a period of time, has earned a top place in the country’s market.



As the leading company in roofing sheets, Hulas Steel is the first choice for numerous customers across the country. As the market gradually transitions to online research, the website needed maximum exposure to its products in a customer-friendly and informative manner, without outweighing one another.



Keeping the current trend of customers in mind, our approach focused primarily in information that customers can access conveniently about the brand and its products. Additionally, the website would require an aesthetically pleasing view that matched the theme of the brand, simultaneously providing easy access to the needed information.



We focused on showcasing a website that primarily stimulates the audience visually. Pictures of the product along with its name and brief information to help customers familiarize with the product they desire were placed in a way that was easy to navigate and understand.



Easy navigation and information comprehension were our top priority. Content update was accomplished through wordpress.



The new site worked wonders for the customers. The website witnessed an increase in the number of visitors as well.