Samsung S9

  • Client Samsung
  • Platform Website

Our two-part campaign showed the complexity of truth and how it’s reported.

A pre-booking mini-site was required to be created to allow booking for sales prior to the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+.



The company has not granted the permission to create a separate website for Nepal. Since it was required to keep track of the potential buyers and conversion, which was not possible through social media, we needed to create a mini-site for pre-booking. We had only a week to develop the site.



The site was made to look exactly the global site of Samsung. We were planning it with the aspect of converting the old visitors of the site (for the previous range S8/S8+) to sales. We also planned a Giveaway campaign- freebies were given out with every purchase.



We enabled online booking to serve the main purpose. The registered people received a verification code that they had to use while making the actual purchase offline.



As from the backend side, admins could retrieve daily reports of all the bookings, have live viewing of all the bookings, and keep track of orders from different stores (dealers). The site was developed on Concrete 5.



The primary target was to sell 700 phones. The number of online booking exceeded the expectations resulting in total sales of 1200 phones.