Our two-part campaign showed the complexity of truth and how it’s reported.

Smart Telecom is the 3rd largest telecommunication network company in Nepal. The brand entails the ideology ‘network that gives you more’ and personifies the idea through its numerous products. Furthermore, keeping current scenarios in mind, SmartTel also introduces new products in the market to fulfill the need of internet, voice calling, and recharges for its customers.



As a telecom company, the customers prefer visiting a company’s website to know more about its products details. Our primary concern was to keep the site updated to the brand’s new products Therefore, along with a pleasing user interface, quick and easy information about its products were crucial to the website.



The approach included the execution of an informative site where customers could easily navigate through the pages with convenience. The theme and brand colors were also taken into account and creative details of the product through pictorial aesthetics were focused.



We focused on informative approach to create the site. By reflecting the theme and resonating the brand’s core message, the site was created by focusing primarily on the information of the products for easy understanding for the audience.



The development preceded our approach by including updated information about the product as a quick read for the audience. Content update was accomplished through wordpress.



Viewer traffic on the site increased in just a few days. Additionally, customers found the site extremely helpful in getting updated information on Smart products.