WorldLink Go

  • Client WorldLink
  • Platform Application

Our two-part campaign showed the complexity of truth and how it’s reported.

WorldLink Communications is one of the biggest Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Nepal and has the highest number of subscribers. To give value addition to its existing customers, it recently came up with a discount app WorldLink Go. All of its users are eligible to attractive discounts and hot deals in a number of outlets for different kind of services.



The trend of Uno discount cards and many other banks providing discounts and offers through their cards at various outlets was already prevalent. So to compete with them, we had to develop an entirely different concept offering the same service.



Different available apps were studied noting all the exciting features. We selected the features that were feasible enough to implement in accordance to Nepali market and proposed to the client. We collected all the required data which consisted of the name of the outlets, percentage of discount provided and special offers, among others.



Our team collaborated with the client’s ATL/BTL agency to map out the designs of the application.



We developed the app on Native Android and iOS using PHP and MySQL using an inhouse code igniter framework. JavaScript was heavily used to make it more responsive, and for reporting the logs.



Since its launch 3 months ago, the app is slowly growing in the market. The number of downloads has been growing steadily.