Our Services

Our aggregate experiences working with advertising companies have resulted in a portfolio demonstrating our diverse capabilities. We are dedicated to offering our clients unique ideas and high-quality goods.

Web Development

For organizations, businesses, and individuals, we provide economical website design services. We offer a variety of alternatives to guarantee that your organization or business, big or small, has the website it needs. All of our websites are custom-built to meet the demands and specifications of our customers, so you can be sure that yours will be one-of-a-kind and constructed just how you want it.


Software Development

With our numerous sectors of competence, we produce prominent and profitable software applications for a wide range of enterprises throughout the world. We are so knowledgeable with today’s design approaches and methods that we can spot our customers’ specific demands and solve any issues. We can manage all parts of your software project since we are professionals in designing unique software solutions. Pagoda Labs is the best software company in Nepal. Pagoda Labs offers a new approach to initiatives that support creative solutions.


We have a team of professional and experienced designers who promise to bring smooth and pleasing-to-the-eye designs (website design, flyer design, business card design, logo design, graphics design, and marketing material (envelopes, visiting cards, letterheads, and so on), and corporate brand identity) that speak volumes and accurately represent your business idea to your targeted customers. We offer the best digital designs in Nepal.

Mobile app development

Our mobile app development services begin with conceptual mobile consulting, which assists startups and businesses in selecting the best platform for app development. We provide customized and quality support, ranging from app creation to support and maintenance, to fulfill the varying needs of various businesses. We provide mobile app development services in iOS, Android, and React Native. Pagoda labs provides you best mobile app development services.



Logo Design

We strive to create unique and visually appealing designs that effectively represent your brand and its values. Our team of talented designers and marketers work closely with you to understand your needs and deliver high-quality results. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and ensuring that our clients are completely satisfied with the final product. So if you’re in need of professional and creative design services, look no further! Let us help you stand out in the crowded digital landscape and effectively communicate your brand to your target audience.




Traditional Marketing

We use videos, logos, billboards, and branding with conventional marketing to reach a big audience through multiple communication channels such as social media, television, radio, and more. Our traditional marketing staff is well-versed in a variety of tactics and locations. We deliver customized traditional marketing solutions at cost-effective pricing to satisfy our clients’ expectations as well as their various company requirements. Our company is also the best traditional marketing company in Nepal. We will help you design and execute a traditional campaign that will help you reach your target audience.


Digital Marketing

PagodaLabs is a dynamic, adaptable, and creative company that attracts new clients by using mist and illusions. Instead, PagodaLabs relies on its own SEO and marketing expertise to attract new clients to our website. We collaborate with you to provide personalized internet marketing services and a strategy that meets your specific company demands. Rather than being an agency that implements strategy blindly, we become a part of your team, a partner that knows your market and goals.

Brand Guidelines

Pagoda Labs will work with you to develop your brand standards and guidelines, as well as laws and regulations that specify how your brand should be presented to the public. Brand standards will help you and your audience understand who the company is and what it stands for while also ensuring that your business and brand are consistent. With the aid of our creative teams, we will assist you in growing your company.

CCTV Installation

We provide installation and equipment of CCTV cameras (HD & IP) installation and equipment with high-quality network video recorders for organizations, enterprises, or individuals that can be scaled to match your or your company’s evolving needs. The installation of CCTV cameras in your home or company will not only help you monitor these spaces but will also assure you of the security of your space from any crimes. We will consult and help you install CCTV to keep you and your space safe.




Access Control System

We provide equipment and installation of a new access control system to protect your commercial or company property from unauthorized entry. We provide an access control system with a variety of setups, sizes, integration possibilities, and use cases for your property. Keep track of every activity, simplify administration, increase security, decrease risk, and provide access to only authorized workers with the aid of an access control system.

Our access control system is a comprehensive security solution that allows you to control who has access to your property, facilities, and sensitive areas. With our system, you can set up multiple access levels and permissions, so you can grant access to only those who need it.