Dealer Management System (DMS)

Auto Dealer Management System (DMS) is a single sign-on web-based, comprehensive solution that optimizes automobile dealership management. This is an integrated, centralized system that can help you monitor sales, track daily transactions and advertise your vehicle inventory from one program.


Why Get A DMS For Your Business

All in one business solution

Respond quickly to market opportunities by using this data driven software platform that can help you manage and market your vehicle inventory online. Use multiple Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functions or choose a stand-alone application streamline your auto parts wholesale or retail business to run more efficiently.

Marketing Management

Convert leads into sales with real-time data access that will streamline and enhance your business. This software helps you connect online traffic to in-store sales with valuable data to improve your digital marketing efforts and more. (

Vehicle Inventory Management system

A centralized, easy to use data base that will help you, categories and organize your car inventory, stock, pricing, human resource and customer relations.

Customer Relations Management

Improve how you interact and do business with your customers, manage enquiry, sales performance and maintain CRM marketing outputs. Keep detailed customer records, manage enquiry, sales performance.