Point of Sale (POS)

Point of Sale (POS) system is for every retail business owner who wants to efficiently keep track of their sales and improve business. This system is built on a cloud-based platform with product and transaction listing features. These POS features will synchronize all business data and give you immediate access to supply and sales inventory from multiple store locations.


Why Get A POS For Your Business

All in one business solution

An automated store management solution with sophisticated functions that is effective and simple to use. With this easy to monitor system you can control user role management and automatically track multiple store transactions. This system helps you improve your service quality and customer satisfaction by speeding up the checkout and payments process efficiently.

Inventory Management

Automatically track and control store inventory with prompt access to accurate information/reports on your goods and cash transactions.

Consumers Retention

With an effective POS system, you can acquire business data that allows you to understand consumer behavior and customize special offers that help in improving sales and consumer loyalty.

User role management

Centralize your user management with well-defined roles and responsibilities for your teams. Control user performance and actions based on assigned roles and responsibilities.


Integrate payment gateways and accept every way your consumers want to pay with credit cards, mobile apps, gift vouchers. You can also process refunds for payments directly from the POS system.

Synchronize Data

Cloud based platform allows you to work offline and also synchronize data form multiple- store locations.