Digital Marketing

This is the place to go if you want to advertise your company’s website online. You’ve arrived at the right place. Pagoda Labs is a professional web development company in Nepal that focuses on digital marketing and SEO (SEO). On our team, we have an experienced and devoted team of SEO professionals and digital marketing experts.

We use strategies like social media marketing (SMO), SEO and SEM consulting services, e-mail marketing, content writing/web copy, online marketing, website analytics, display advertising, and YouTube management to make technology work for you. We can assist you in gaining the attention that your website deserves.

Our Expertise On

Social media

We handle Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Viber, and WhatsApp’s posts, messages, insights, and many more.

Community management

We handle your community on Facebook by replying to your customers about your business.

Campaign management

We design campaigns for various purposes such as offering awareness, product launching, brand campaigns, and engagement-related campaigns.


We use Google Ads to get our customers’ websites to the top of organic search results for key terms. We create Facebook ads to promote our customers’ businesses to anybody who uses Facebook.

Influencer management

We use Influencer Management to improve our customers’ brand awareness, develop their brand reputation, and raise conversion rates.

ORM online reputation management

We employ online reputation management to resolve any unfavourable or inaccurate remarks about our clients’ brands on websites and social media. To improve the tone of words, we change negative comments and reactions to good ones and post them.

Our Development Process


Gathering information about a company, target customers, products/services, and online competitors that will be needed for decision making.


Creation of digital marketing objectives, strategy, plan, and principal digital identities. Websites, blogs, and apps are examples of identities.


Generating relevant traffic by directing relevant individuals to major digital identities. Places to market include search engines, display networks, eCommerce portals, social media, email, messaging, and affiliate programs.


Google Statistics generates analytics on major digital identities, allowing you to track the performance and results of your digital marketing efforts.


Making changes to key digital identities, digital marketing channels, content, design, and promotional communication.